7 Benefits of Wearing Linen Clothing

There was a time in history when luxury linen clothing was only available to the creme de la creme of society: priests, knights, monarchs… Not everyone had a chance to wear linen.

However, in the 16th century, the cultivation of flax plants became widespread and linen fabric was introduced to more and more people, eventually leading to what we have today: a wide variety of high-quality linen items ranging from bedding to bath, kitchen, and table linens, and, undoubtedly, linen clothing.

The latter is especially praised. People who love wearing linen clothes often say they can’t imagine wearing any other material, especially in the hot and humid summer. They go as far as claiming that linen clothes have healing properties.

But is it all true? What does linen have over other materials that make it so sought-after?
From our experience, there are at least seven benefits of wearing linen clothing that make it unique and hardly replaceable.

Top 7 Benefits of Wearing Linen Clothes



Linen is known as the world’s strongest natural fiber and is far more durable than cotton. The strength of the fiber directly contributes to the strength of the fabric the garment is made of. Thus, linen clothing is very long-lasting.

A good cotton t-shirt can last you a few seasons but a linen top or a dress will go way beyond that. Linen clothes will not lose their shape after washing, if anything, they will become softer and more pleasant to the skin over time.

One shouldn’t assume linen fabric is indestructible but it sure is resilient. If properly looked after, it’s possible your linen garments won’t disintegrate for generations to come. That's probably one of the best benefits of wearing linen!

Striped in blue and white linen dress

Easy to care for

Above we mentioned that appropriate care is important to linen garments. However, that doesn’t mean it requires super special treatment.

Linen fabric can be machine washed all you need to bear in mind is to use cold water and not use bleach or detergents with optical whiteners, as those tend to weaken the fiber. You can tumble dry your linen clothes or hang them to dry naturally.

Another good thing about linen clothes is that it doesn’t need to be ironed to look good. High-quality linen is wrinkly and those wrinkles are part of its beauty that effortless elegance that is achieved with linen clothing rarely applies to any other material. Wrinkly cotton or silk will look messy, whereas linen fabric will shine in all of its glory.

For more tips on how to care for your linen clothes, read our Linen Care Guide.


Many people suffer from allergies and various skin conditions and they’ve probably come to notice that certain types of fabrics often agitate their symptoms. That is because many fabrics allow moisture to build up, which is then the perfect ecosystem for bacteria and microbes to breed.

With linen fabric, it’s totally NOT the case.

Linen is very breathable, allows air to move around freely and thus, releases moisture very fast. That’s not to say it is anti-allergic it will not remove your allergies altogether, but linen clothes and sheets are definitely a safe choice for anyone experiencing some type of discomfort - such as night sweats.

Blue linen long pant jumpsuit

Suitable for every season

OK, we know what you think how can the same fabric keep you both cool and warm? Well, that’s just one of the magical benefits of wearing linen.

It’s obvious that linen clothing is perfect for summer: it is lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking… But people also choose to wear linen clothes in spring, autumn, and even winter, too.

Flax, from which linen is made, is actually used to make home insulation products. The reasons behind it are the same as with clothing: flax/linen are natural insulators and are capable of releasing excess humidity.

So while cotton or wool might make you feel warmer at first, it will also make you sweat. Linen clothes will retain the heat from your body and release the excess making you feel nice and cozy.


Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event, corporate environment, or aiming for a more casual, low-key look, linen fabric has an innate ability to compliment every occasion.

Modern linen clothes come in a variety of interesting cuts and can be styled with many accessories straw hats, espadrilles, canvas bags in the hot and humid summer, loose-knit wool sweaters, and leather jackets in the colder months, you name it! Get some inspiration on how to style linen clothes here.

To prove how versatile linen clothing really is, we even did an experiment where we asked our model Milda to wear one linen dress throughout her day: for breakfast with her kids, then to work, then for a stroll in the park, and eventually an evening out with friends. See the results here.

Woodrose pink linen long sleeve dress

Sustainable fashion

Environmentally friendly, ethically sourced and made clothing is becoming increasingly popular now, and we hope that continues into the future. Linen clothing inherently falls in this category because flax plant cultivation is by far more sustainable than that of cotton.

The flax plants are very resilient, can grow in poor soil, and requires very little water. What’s more, every single part of the flax plants is then used in making all types of products, from linen clothing to varnishes.

Linen fabric is also recyclable and biodegradable, meaning you won’t be adding to the growing piles of textile waste all over the world. At MagicLinen, we are aiming to become zero waste and use fabric scraps to make fabric samples, coasters, and other items.

All in all, wearing linen clothing is a sustainable choice!

Wearing linen clothes is comfortable

If you read all the above points, you probably already got the idea that linen, being lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and thermoregulating, is at the top of the pyramid of comfortable clothing. Comfort is probably one of the most known benefits of wearing linen.

Linen clothes are usually designed to have a loose fit making them perfect for people of all ages, sizes, and shapes - wearing linen can never be a bad choice!

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