Are Linen Sheets Comfortable?

  • Linen is known for its durability and high-quality.
  • Not only are linen sheets gorgeous and environment-friendly, but they are also super comfortable!
  • People love linen duvet covers, sheets, and pillowcases because they are durable and extremely easy to take care of.

We've all seen those super charming linen bedding sets on social media - natural and fresh colors, soft and high-quality material that makes the overall look of the bed so comfy and inviting!

It's no news that not everything that looks good online is truly good in reality. However, rest assured - linen sheets are nothing like that -they feel as comfortable as they look! Ask any linen lover about that.

So, what exactly makes linen sheets so loveable among other textile products?

Linen is health-friendly

Sometimes, improving your wellness can be as easy as getting a high-quality linen bedding set.

  • Hypo-allergenic. Linen is made from a flax plant, therefore it is a purely natural fabric and that's exactly what makes it so magical! Linen is bacteria-resistant and has exceptional filtering properties that prevent dust mites, bacteria, fungus...and similar pests. Therefore linen sheets are perfectly suitable for both adults, children, and babies that have some kind of allergies or skin sensitivities.
  • Skin-friendly. Being completely natural, linen also helps to preserve the normal pH balance of your skin. Consequently, because of the healing properties of the linen, your skin might feel even softer and nicer in the long run. Besides, by being anti-static, linen doesn't feel itchy and irritating to your skin - one more extra point!
  • Massaging effect. If you've ever touched linen fabric, you probably felt a unique texture of it. Those tiny fractures in the linen fabric feel so good on your skin - like a free massage every night!

Linen is temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking

These are probably two of the most appreciated linen properties.

  • Temperature-regulation. Linen fabric is known for its outstanding breathability and cooling benefits. That's why it is a top choice for hot and humid weather. Linen fibers regulate the temperature it means linen sheets will keep you warm during the cold season, and will cool you down during the hot one. Therefore, saying that the linen sheeting is only suitable for the summer season equals the saying that ice cream is only delicious in the summer - TOTAL NONSENSE!
  • Water-absorbent. Thanks to the structure of linen, sheets made of linen can absorb about 20% of its weight in moisture. That means, that even during the hottest and the most humid summer nights, linen sheets won't wrap around your body, leaving you sweating. Instead, linen sheets will absorb your body fluids and will make your skin feel fresh and dry.

Linen is both practical and luxurious

Not only linen is high-quality and health-friendly - it is also super practical!

  • Scent-free. Linen duvet cover, sheets, and pillowcases not only look super luxurious together but also feel extremely comfortable. Linen sheets are so soft and fluffy that you want to dive right into it when you see it. Even more, linen material has a neutral smell preventing any additional distractions during your sleep.
  • Softer and softer. No, we didn't make up this thing - linen ACTUALLY gets softer and even shinier after each wash! So, if you buy a new linen bedding set and it doesn't feel as soft as you have expected at first - don't worry, it will get softer.
  • Durability. Although we do agree that pure cotton material is also a perfect choice for the bedding sets - the fact remains facts - linen is twice as durable as cotton. So, investing in one high-quality linen bedding set is also a thoughtful and cost-effective choice.

Linen is environmental-friendly

We may understand comfort differently. For some of us it's all about how it feels. For others - how it looks. But there are people who prioritize the eco-friendliness of the products they use. If that's you - linen sets are still your go-to choice!

  • No waste. Linen is made of a pure flax plant. An entire flax plant is used while harvesting leaving practically no waste afterward. Renewable resource. Linen is also considered as a renewable resource. It is only very minimally processed. Biodegradable. As linen is made of 100% natural fibers - it is completely biodegradable. Linen is easy to take care of Now, as for the cherry on top, we should definitely mention the very untroublesome care of the linen sheets. Better after each wash. We've already mentioned how linen gets softer and shinier after every wash.
  • No ironing. In order to maintain the best condition of your linen set - do not use an iron at any time. Simply air-dry it in fresh air (or inside), in other words - let it dry naturally. FYI: Some natural wrinkles in your linen sheets are totally normal and add some charm!
  • Simple cleaning solutions. If you machine wash your linen sheets - do not use any bleach or fabric softeners. In fact, simple mild detergent would work just great.
  • Lukewarm/warm water. Use only warm water when washing your linen sheets - hot water damages the fibers of the fabric irreparably.

All in all, linen sheets are super high-quality, feel awesome to your skin, and look gorgeous. Besides, they are good both for your health and for the environment. Isn't that great? If you want to invest in your sleep quality - invest in a pure linen bedding set!

Important note: Be careful when choosing genuine linen products. Some linen products available in the market might be made not only from pure linen. The cheaper linen products are usually made from mixed materials adding various synthetic fabrics and chemicals that make the production of the product faster and easier. Consequently, such products usually cost less but, unfortunately, the quality of them is also much lower. Therefore, if you want to get a genuine linen bedding set that contains all the properties explained above in this article - you should carefully read about each item before purchasing.

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