Can You Put Linen In the Dryer?

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  • Linen is one of the highest quality fabrics that is known for its sturdiness and exceptional durability;
  • To enjoy all the benefits of linen clothing and bedding for many years to come, it is important to not only know how to wash it but also how to dry it properly;
  • Just like hand-washing, air-drying is the best and safest way to dry linen clothes. However, if responsibly, linen clothes can also be dried in the dryer.

Different fabrics have different care instructions - especially if those fabrics are made of natural fibers, such as linen. It is one thing to know how to wash linen, but there is a different set of rules when it comes to drying it, too.

Care for linen is pretty easy, however, there are still some important things to remember in order to preserve all the benefits of it. Being a natural fabric, linen requires more gentle care. For example, linen loves to be hand-washed using only mild detergent and warm water. Of course, it can also be machine washed, but only under the gentle cycle and the right water temperature. Too hot water makes the linen shrink, therefore setting an appropriate washing temperature is a must.

When it comes to washing and drying linen, there are other nuances, too. For example, the quality of the fabric. Different linen items are not the same. The best linen is made in Europe, such as Belgian or French linen. However, it is not news that the market is full of low-quality linen items that are made in China or India and have a much shorter lifespan. Therefore, it is very important to always pay attention to the care label of every linen garment before taking care of it.

As for the drying, linen fabric can be dried in the dryer but honestly - this should be your last option.

Tumble Dry Linen: Pros and Cons

As already mentioned before, linen is a very sturdy material, however, it is made of natural flax fibers that tend to shrink if washed improperly. Hot water and hot temperature encourage the shrinkage process, especially if linen fabric is not pre-washed. That's exactly why machine wash or tumble dry are not the first options recommended when it comes to caring for linen.

When linen clothing is machine washed or put in the dryer, the chance to damage the fabric increases because you never know how your linen garment will react to the hot temperature. Sometimes you can't be sure if your linen garment was pre-washed during the manufacturing process, or if your item is made of 100% natural linen and not mixed with any other materials. Also, lower-quality linen clothing and bedding are much more sensitive to temperature changes than higher quality ones.

The best and safest way to dry linen bedding, clothing, and other fabric is by air-drying them in fresh air or a well-ventilated area. Simply laying the linen items out on a flat surface or hanging them on a hang line will prevent them from shrinking and wrinkling.

However, if you want to tumble dry your pre-washed linen garments - you can definitely do so. Just make sure you set the lowest temperature possible. Also, it would still be best if you would take your linen clothes out of the dryer while they are still slightly damp. This way, it will be much easier to iron them.

TIP: In case your linen items shrink - dampen them all over with a spray bottle of water and then gently stretch it on all sides.


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Drying Different Pieces of Linen

How to Dry Linen Sheets?

  • Hang dry linen sheets in the fresh air. Avoid direct sunlight, especially if the linen is colored. Also, it would be best not to use any clothespins to avoid any unnecessary wrinkles. Fresh, windy air is the best for drying freshly washed linen sheets.
  • Lay the linen sheet out on a flat surface. Make sure that this surface is clean to avoid any unnecessary stains. It is recommended to cover the surface with some kind of clean cloth or towel before laying out the damp linen garment on it.
  • Hang the linen sheets over the door. Also, make sure that the top of the doors is clean and not dusty.
  • If you are in a rush, you can dry linen sheets in a dryer at the lowest temperature. However, pull out the sheets while they are still slightly damp and lay them out on a flat surface or hang them to let them dry up completely. Alternatively, you can use hot iron steam to fasten the drying process.

How to Dry Linen Shirts?

  • Always pay attention to the care instructions of any linen clothing you have, including shirts. If a care label says dry cleaning only - you should follow those instructions and let the dry cleaners handle this task for you.
  • Unlike sheets, linen shirts are not recommended to be dried in a dryer in any case. Shirts can easily shrink and if they are colored - fade away.
  • The best at-home drying method for shirts would be air-drying or hang drying.

How To Dry Linen Tablecloth?

  • Just like linen sheets, linen tablecloths are also OK to be dried in the dryer if the right temperature is set. Just make sure you pull out that tablecloth before it gets completely dry - damp linen is much easier to iron.
  • Still, the best way to dry the linen tablecloth is to dry it naturally in fresh air - this way you will be sure that it will not shrink or lose its color.
  • When you wash linen tablecloths (or sheets) - it is recommended not to overload the washing machine to let the garment move freely. This way you will prevent it from wrinkling and creasing.

How To Dry Linen Curtains?

  • Similar to linen sheets or tablecloths, linen curtains can be dried in the dryer (applying all of the instructions explained above).
  • Even better away, is to wash the curtains and hang them in the breezy air to let them dry up naturally.
  • If you want, you can bring your linen curtains while they are still damp, hang them on a curtain rod, and leave them to dry up naturally.
  • Also, you can fast things forward by steaming the curtains with iron steam while they are still damp. This way, the curtains will look even crispier!

More Tips on Drying Linen Fabric

  • The best way to dry any linen garment is natural air-dry (hang dry);
  • If you choose to dry your linen clothes or sheets in a dryer - pull them out while they are still damp and let them finish drying up naturally by hanging them in the fresh air or laying them out on a flat surface;
  • Wash and dry linen garments, especially bigger ones - like curtains, sheets, and tablecloths - individually to let them move freely;
  • Linen fabric dries very fast - it is known as the fastest drying natural fabric. Therefore, even if you choose to air-dry the linen - it won't take as much time as you might think;
  • Linen clothes, especially lightweight dresses, shirts, or pants - are usually more delicate than bedding pieces, therefore it is best to hand wash them and let them dry naturally instead of putting them in the dryer;
  • Also, if you are not sure how to take care of your linen garment - always choose the dry cleaning services - this way you will eliminate any risks of damaging your beloved linen items.
Important Note: Natural linen fabric can be easily ruined if taken care of improperly, therefore we recommend always follow our official linen care guide before taking any action.
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