How Much Do Linen Sheets Crease?

  • Linen sheets are one of the best investments you can make if you want to improve the quality of your sleep;
  • Anyway, linen fabric is more likely to get wrinkled faster and easier than any other material;
  • Most people consider wrinkles as one of the loveliest characteristics of natural linen, but of course, there are also those who don't love it. In the article below we will explain to you how much linen sheets actually crease and what you could do about it.

Flax is a natural crop hand-picked off of the flax plant stalk. Being made of flax, linen is considered one of the highest quality fabrics used in the textile industry. That title, of course, makes the linen products quite expensive compared to other fabrics, such as cotton.

However, there are lots of reasons for paying the price of organic linen products: not only is it gorgeous-looking, but also moth-resistant, anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, and even repels dirt. Additionally, it is very lightweight and has temperature-regulating properties. So, no matter if it’s super hot outside, or freezing cold - linen works perfectly.

It is also worth mentioning that sleeping experience in linen sheets is incredible! It is comfortable, breathable, light, and nice to the skin. Besides, due to its unique fabric structure, linen has a massaging effect. What’s not to love here?

Anyway, it’s not a secret that linen wrinkles easily. Besides, sometimes it's not enough just to iron it to get wrinkles out of the fabric completely. So, although most people consider wrinkles as an additional cute characteristic of linen fabric - there are people that don’t like it and refuse to use it or wear it at all.

    But, how much exactly do linen sheets crease?

    The truth is, that linen is an amazing material but the wrinkles are something that you should be willing to accept. It is possible to get wrinkle-free linen sheets but it takes more effort than to simply iron it - that’s just how sturdy the linen material is. So, if you are more into the crispy-looking sheets, and sloppy look makes you anxious - you should probably consider other fabrics.

    However, if you love natural linen but you simply do not love that rumpled look of it - don’t lose your hope in it yet! There are some things you could do to get away with the wrinkling part even if you don’t have an iron by your side!

    • After washing your linen sheets, hang them outside or in a well-ventilated area and let it air-dry completely. Make sure sheets are unfolded completely while still damp to avoid any unwanted wrinkles. A nice breeze will gently air-dry your linen garments getting the biggest wrinkles out completely.
    • Just took your wrinkled linen shirt out of the luggage? Hang them somewhere nearby in the bathroom at the time you shower. The hot steamy air will work as steam and will loosen up the linen fibers enforcing the wrinkles to getaway. Important: Do not leave the bathroom door open after you finish showering. Let the linen shirt hang there as much as the air remains hot in the bathroom. After the bathroom cools down, take your shirt away and hang them in a dry place and wait for it to dry up completely before putting it on.
    • Don’t have time for steaming in the shower? Then, dampen your linen clothes or sheets with clean water (spraying them would be best) and then run a hot blow dryer on it. Keep blowing up until the fabric is completely dry.

    If you want to find out more easy methods of getting the wrinkles out of the linen clothes and sheets - take a look at this detailed blog-post of ours made just recently!

    People think that getting wrinkles out of the linen fabric requires too much effort and time - but it’s not as troublesome as it may seem! Once you get used to packing and drying your linen clothes and sheets appropriately - you’ll see that there are not even that many wrinkles left.

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