How to Get Wrinkles Out of Linen Pants?

White linen shirt, natural linen pants

  • Linen pants (and clothes in general) - are very comfortable, especially for hot summer days;
  • Wrinkles on linen clothes are a very common characteristic, however not all people love it;
  • In the article below we will show you some short and simple ways of getting wrinkles out of linen pants and clothes.



Linen clothes are everyone’s go-to for warm, humid, and especially hot weather. They are exceptionally breathable and moisture-wicking. Not to mention how lightweight and comfortable they are.

Wrinkled linen sheets or curtains are loved by people because they look very natural and authentic. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly the case for linen clothes - if really wrinkled, linen pants can easily get a look of pajamas.

It would be a lie to say that linen is an easy fabric to iron - simply set the iron to a specific program will probably not make your linen pants completely wrinkle-free. It takes a little more time, patience, and effort.

Anyway, there are some really untroublesome methods to get the wrinkles out of your linen clothes fast and easy. Even if you don’t have an iron!

Let’s say you have an actual iron and you want wrinkle-free linen clothes. Below is your plan of action.

Blue linen women's pants


Get the Wrinkles Out of Your Linen Clothes With Iron

1. Get your ironing board and lay your wrinkled linen shirt or pants or dress (or whatever) on it.

2. Dampen your old cotton towel or shirt with tap water. You can simply wet it under running water. It should be damp but not super wet. Then, lay it over your linen fabric.

TIP: Any fabric that’s soft and made of cotton would be the best. Just not terrycloth.

3. Turn the iron to the highest heat and steam and start ironing your linen fabric over the damp piece of cotton.

TIP: Make sure there is only one layer of cotton

4. After ironing, take the top cotton layer away. At this moment, the wrinkles from your linen should be gone.

Getting Wrinkles Out of the Linen Fabric Without Iron

Air-drying Linen

It is possible to get wrinkle-free linen pants even if you don’t have an iron. However, this way you’ll need much more time.

1. Wash your linen clothes in the washing machine or, if they are dry - dampen with a spray bottle of clean water.

2. Hang your wet linen clothes outside in the fresh air.

3. Leave it for the fresh wind to gently air-dry your linen.

TIP: Make sure linen fabric is unfolded completely while it's still wet to avoid any wrinkles.

A pot instead of an Iron

I know it sounds like the method used by students on campus. But, believe it or not - it does work! (Not like a real iron, but still)

1. Fill in the pot entirely with the water and boil it.

2. When the water is hot - pour it out.

3. Lay your linen clothes on a hard surface (like a table) and iron them using the bottom of the pot which is still pretty hot.

TIP: As the pot is really hot, be careful!

Other Tips for Ironing Linen Pants and Clothes Successfully

  • Dampen linen clothes before ironing them. Moisture the fabric enough to loosen up the linen fibers. This should be done 5-10 minutes before ironing.
  • Make sure the iron is filled with water and its bottom is completely clean. When ironing the linen, use the special linen/cotton setting and the highest heat.
  • Move the iron gently and continually - keeping the hot iron in one place can damage the linen fabric irreparably.
  • Don’t fold the linen clothes after ironing them. It’d be best to hang them in a roomy enough space for it to dry completely. Let it hang like this for at least 15 minutes before wearing it.

Here you go, now you know at least 3 different methods of getting wrinkles out of your linen clothes easily. And not having an iron is not an excuse! If the tendency to wrinkle fast was the reason you don’t wear linen - think again!

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