Looking Back at 2022: Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Here at MagicLinen, we are proud not only to produce high-quality home goods and clothing but also to pay close attention to sustainability and social responsibility values. Looking back at 2022, we would like to review the initiatives we have enjoyed putting our efforts into.

Production: The Issue of Fabric Waste

In 2022, one of the most important sustainability tasks for us was reducing fabric waste. Although linen fabric is a 100% biodegradable material, there is still a significant amount of energy being used in the production of the fabric. That is why it is important not to throw the fabric waste away, but to try to use as many fabric scraps as possible.
MagicLinen produces products only in small batches, and a big part of the products are made only after purchase (these products are part of the made-to-order category). This allows us to use the fabric in the most effective way possible. Nevertheless, small amounts of fabric remnants are still left.
In order to reduce that, we have created a Zero Waste program to use the fabric scraps: the scraps that are the biggest in size are used to create our Zero waste products (e.g. tea towels, scrunchies, etc.) and are offered at a reduced price.
This year, we also collaborated with a designer Morta Nakaite who created a collection from MagicLinen fabric remnants left during the production process.
Middle-size scarps were sold on our webshop at a reduced price for creative projects.
Small scraps are donated to a local organization that organizes free craft workshops for the local community. Our fabric scraps are being used for different creative craft projects!
Interesting fact: we also use these scraps to make sustainable labels for MagicLinen clothing!
A small amount of the tiniest fabric scarps, like 1-inch width tapes, are being utilized. We are still looking for possibilities to use even the smallest ones for any projects, like stuffing things, etc. We would be grateful for any ideas or proposals about using it for a second life!


A small percentage of products come back to MagicLinen as returns. Our bedding returned after the Sleep Trial or damaged items go to charity organizations:
  • Cornerstone Community Outreach (family shelter, homeless people)
  • A local organization Women in crisis (women suffering from violence at home)


For inner packaging, we keep using compostable bags made from 100% corn starch. Sustainable and eco-friendly, they are compostable and fully decompose in one year.

For outer packaging, in 2022, we started using our new cardboard boxes, made of FSC paper.
Social Responsibility
In previous years MagicLinen has mainly supported women's empowerment. But in 2022 we, as a whole world, were shocked by the events in Ukraine, when the largest military attack in Europe since World War Two started. We felt it was more than important to help refugees, mainly women with children running from the war. So in 2022, our donation went to the Red Cross organization that helps refugees.
We have also donated our products (bedding and towels) to local orphanages where the Ukrainian orphan children arrived during the first months of the war.
In spring, we did not forget our mother nature too. Our team volunteered to plant over 2000 fir trees. That was a wonderful time together, and a great result we are proud of!
It's important to remember that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. In 2023, we promise to continue to reduce fabric waste, support organizations, do good for the planet, and in general - take part to create a better, more sustainable future for all of us.
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