People of ML: MagicLinen B-day: Meet the Team Behind the Brand

As we joyfully celebrate our 7th birthday, we took a moment to sit down and chat with our longest-serving employee Jokūbas, who has been an integral part of our journey, witnessing and embracing six of those remarkable birthdays alongside us. Join us as he shares his unique experiences and memories from his journey with MagicLinen.

magiclinen team

What has been the most rewarding part of your 5.5 years with the company?

The opportunity to work alongside an incredible team and witness the remarkable growth of MagicLinen. From its humble beginnings with just a few individuals to the thriving company we are today, being part of this journey has been truly unique and fulfilling. Seeing how our collective efforts have contributed to the company's success has been a source of immense pride and motivation for me.

Can you share a funny or heartwarming memory from your time here that still makes you smile?

One of the funniest memories I have is when we organized a team-building kayaking event during the early days of MagicLinen. The weather was scorching, and the river was surprisingly shallow, making it more of a survival challenge than a smooth kayaking adventure! Despite the challenging conditions, we all came together as a team, laughing and supporting each other along the way. It was a great example of how hard times can forge strong bonds within a team. The memory still brings a smile to my face whenever I think about it!

How have your coworkers and the company changed since you first started, and what do you cherish the most about these changes?

Since I first started at MagicLinen, I've witnessed significant positive changes in both my coworkers and the company as a whole. In the beginning, our team was small - as the company grew, we had the privilege of bringing in highly experienced individuals who added immense value to the organization.
One of the most cherished aspects of these changes is the expansion of our team and the specialization of roles. Initially, one person would handle multiple tasks, but with growth, we were able to hire experts for specific areas. This not only lightened the workload but also allowed us to excel in various areas of the business. The collective expertise of our coworkers and the collaborative environment has been instrumental in driving MagicLinen's success, and I value the support and camaraderie we share on this journey of growth and achievement.

What motivates you to come to work each day with the same enthusiasm as when you first joined?

The supportive and experienced colleagues, the ability to grow both professionally and personally, the trust placed in me by the organization, the constant stream of new challenges, and, most importantly, belief in our linen products and the message we send as a company about it. Having a genuine passion for linen and being part of a team that shares the same belief really helps to move things forward. Oh, and I have to admit, I absolutely enjoy our weekly "fruit smuggling" that happens in our office - it adds a delicious touch to our workdays!

Could you share the incredible story of when Meghan Markle wore a MagicLinen dress, and what amazing things happened afterward?

I woke up - not early of course, I think I had a day off, and my phone was buzzing like crazy. Got the message from my colleagues that our web crashed and look who wore our dress, and we were all like, "Is this really happening?" It was like a rollercoaster of excitement and chaos rolled into one! Despite the excitement, our team remained organized and quickly rallied together to address the situation. During that period, our manufacturing team was amazing. They swiftly employed numerous skilled seamstresses to meet the sudden surge in demand. It was a crazy and challenging time. We're proud of how we handled the situation, and it's a story we fondly remember and share as an inspiring moment in our company's journey.

If you could summarize your experience in three words, what would they be, and why do these words resonate with your time here?

Thrilling, Transformative, Linen-licious - These words perfectly capture my time here at MagicLinen. Thrilling as my time at MagicLinen has been filled with excitement, challenges, and adventurous moments, making each day a thrilling experience. Transformative as the journey has brought growth, learning, and positive changes, transforming me both professionally and personally. Linen-licious because it's linen :)

Celebrating your 6th company birthday here, what are you most excited about for the future?

What excites me the most about the future is contemplating how far we've come. To think that we started as a bedding company and now offer such a diverse variety of products to choose from is truly remarkable. The boundless potential for growth and the anticipation of unveiling new products fill me with excitement. Here's to raising a toast to the past, embracing the present, and eagerly anticipating the wonders that lie ahead. The best is yet to come, and I'm here for every exhilarating moment of it! Cheers to the linen-filled dreams that await us!

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