Natural soy wax scented candle NORNS

Natural soy wax scented candle NORNS

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  • Awaken your senses with natural exotic fragrance. A hand-made soy-wax candle in the sweet fragrance of mangoes, cinnamon, and oriental spices gently fills your home with an exotic smell. These candles melt into any kind of interior as their minimal containers are made by cutting off the top part of used glass bottles. Thus it brings glass containers back to life, doing at least a little for preserving a cleaner world. In Norse mythology, the Norns were three wise women spinners who determined the destiny of each human.

    • 100% natural soy wax, essential and fragrance oils. Wooden lid.
    •Estimated candle burning time approx. 50 hours.

  • • Dimensions: 7×7×10 cm/ 2.8x2.8x3.9 in
    • Made in Lithuania

  • We always recommend washing linen materials separately in lukewarm water 40°C/104°F or even cold water in a gentle machine cycle with the mild detergent formulated for delicate or linen fabrics. Do not use bleaching or detergents with color brighteners as they can discolor and weaken your linen sheets. Do not overload your machine, rinse your linen properly in order to remove any detergent or fabric softener residue.

    Linen material can be tumble-dried on low heat. We recommend drying not completely, but leaving them a bit damp and hanging or laying flat to finish the drying process.

    Read our Linen Care Guide to learn more.

Linen fabric benefits - MagicLinen Linen fabric benefits - MagicLinen


100% linen textile

MagicLinen focuses on one material only - linen. By removing everything else and focusing on linen, we strive to be the absolute best at what we do.

OEKO-TEX® Certified

All of our products are Oeko-Tex certified meaning they are absolutely absent from harmful substances and chemicals. We are committed to sustainable and ethical business practice.

Soft to the Touch and Long-Lasting

Our linen goes through the modern stone washing process, which softens the fabric and creates that lived-in feeling without weakening or otherwise damaging the fiber or its extreme durability.

Handmade quality and craftsmanship

We’re passionate about our craft, our product and our customers. From the idea to development to final product, at MagicLinen everything is done in-house, and that is a huge difference from many resellers.

How it’s made

At MagicLinen we believe that linen should be both functional and beautiful. Watch how we handcraft our linen pieces from the highest quality materials with love and care.

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